Mis-sold PPI Claims Service

If you've taken out a loan, credit card, HP agreement or mortgage in the last 10 years all you need to do is contact us. A personal claims manager (not a call centre) will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are a reputable PPI claims company that is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator (authorisation Reference No CRM2352) in respect of regulated claims management activities and can advise on all your loans and credit card PPI claims no matter which company they are held with.

Your free enquiry is confidential with no obligation to proceed after you are told how much compensation you're likely to be owed.

The Financial Services Industry has set aside billions of pounds. From these funds they will refund their customers that they've wrongly sold PPI insurance to when they sold them loans, mortgages, HP or credit cards. Ensure you claim your PPI refund as soon as possible.

30 Reasons Why You May Have Been Mis-Sold PPI

Answer yes to JUST ONE of these simple questions and there is every chance you are due a refund.

  1. Did you not specifically ask the loan or credit card provider for PPI cover?
  2. Did your loan or credit card provider make you think you had to have PPI cover in order to have the product?
  3. Did they not tell you could get PPI independently for a fraction of the cost?
  4. Did they add the PPI onto your loan or credit card without fully explaining why?
  5. When you took out the loan or credit card did you work in the public sector, for instance in the police or fire brigade or as a nurse, doctor or teacher?
  6. Were you not told you could cancel your PPI policy without any penalty within the cooling-off period?
  7. Were you pressured into taking a PPI contract?
  8. Did the loan or credit card provider fail to check that the PPI policy would be affordable in light of your income and outgoings?
  9. When you took out the loan or credit card were you self employed, unemployed or on a fixed term contract?
  10. When you took out the insurance were you retired or over the age limit?
  11. Did they fail to ask if you were entitled to sick pay from your employer?
  12. Did the loan provider fail to explain whether they were selling on an advised or non-advised basis?
  13. If they stated they were non-advised, did they go on to give advice regarding the merits of the PPI policy?
  14. Did they not check if your circumstances were likely to change during the policy?
  15. Did the loan or credit card provider fail to provide the written documentation required under the FSA’s rules such as the statement of price, policy summary or statement of demands and needs?
  16. Did they not stress the importance of reading the documentation?
  17. Did they fail to explain orally the full cost of the PPI?
  18. Did they fail to explain orally the key features of the product, such as its optional nature and non-pro-rata refund terms?
  19. Did they fail to explain the PPI's exclusions and limitations?
  20. Did they not explain any of the PPI's exclusions in the written terms and conditions?
  21. Were you not told that a commission was to be paid to the broker or intermediary?
  22. Was the PPI cover paid for as a lump sum when you took out the loan or credit card? Single premium products were often inflexible especially if you repaid your loan early.
  23. Did they not explain that if your loan was redeemed early then the rebate on the PPI element would not be proportionate?
  24. Did the PPI cover not match the actual loan term?
  25. Did they not make you aware of the consequences of taking out a PPI policy that does not cover the full term of the loan that it is linked to?
  26. Did they fail to ask you about any existing PPI payment cover you had?
  27. When you took out the loan or credit card did you have existing ailments such as depression, back problems, etc.?
  28. If applicable, despite it being a joint loan application, were the benefits applied only to one applicant and you were led to believe that all parties were equally entitled to PPI cover?
  29. Did they fail to check how long you have been employed? Some PPI policies need you to have been employed for a certain period of time to be suitable.
  30. Did they fail to obtain information from you as to what existing means you already had in place protecting the loan or credit card, including benefits from employers, existing insurance cover or savings and investments?

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