Many other websites have online calculators to estimate how much PPI you have paid. This is complete guess-work - the ONLY way to find out how much you are owed is to submit a properly formatted claim.




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Mis-sold PPI Claims

The financial services industry has set aside billions of pounds to refund customers mis-sold PPI taken out with loans, credit card and mortgages. Claims can be made by customers direct, though many choose Claims Management Firms to help with the process.

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Endowment Compensation Claims

We are specialists in obtaining compensation for home owners who have been mis-sold mortgage endowment policies. Although you can complain directly, around 6 out of 10 complaints made in this fashion are rejected.


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Mis-sold Investments

Many clients were mis-sold investments with promises of increasing values or regular guaranteed income. Although values cannot be guaranteed many people were not given adequate warning or sold products which were innapropiate for their circumstances.

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Packaged Bank Accounts

A packaged bank account is one sold to you by the bank and in return for a monthly fee you receive a number of benefits. Similar to PPI many customers did not need these benefits, they may have had cover elsewhere or been turned down when a claim was made.

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