PPI Legal Challenge

The Financial Compensation Centre have become aware that the best results for cients can be obtained using legal methods of redress rather than using Financial Conducy Authority (FCA) rules.

While the FCA have rules foverning how customer who complain should be dealt with, t is also the case that many lenders have faced significant fines for not treating their customers fairly. One company received a record fine of £117 million.

Because of this the Financial Compensation Centre has appointed a firm of soloicitors and baristers, expert in banking and finance law who re able to help our clioents in the following circumstances

(1) The lender said there was no PPI or they could not locate the clients file.
(2) The lender or Financial Ombudsman Service rejected the complaint.
(3) Compensation was paid but ADDITIONAL refunds were due using legal rules

Recent judgements mean that new legal arguments may be used against lenders for mis-selling, misrepresentation, non-disclosure of commissions and various unfair practices.


Case Study (1) Mr Cameron, Dunbartonshire Rejected Complaint Bank of Scotland

In 2009 Mr Cameron made a claim for missold PPI to his bank.  He didn’t keep any paperwork so wrote to his bank asking for details. They wrote back some time later to say he had no PPI. Although unsure about this, he took them at their word, as the bank would know if he had PPI or not.
In March 2016 we referred Mr Cameron to our solicitors. Having entered his details to their system they sent him some forms to sign and return. They then wrote to the bank using legal rules and found that Mr Cameron DID have PPI attaching to his loans.
They were able to use the recent decision at the Supreme Court to have a compensation payment made.
In May Mr Cameron was notified that he a total of £19,301.81 was claimed on his behalf.
Mr Cameron, a retail manager said “I was contacted by FCC telling me my claim could be resurrected, I wasn’t really sure how this was possible but I had nothing to lose. I then received paperwork from their solicitors, which I signed and returned. At the end of May they notified me that they had won several claims on my behalf. I was shocked but delighted and bought myself a new car”

FCC solicitors said “it is sadly not uncommon for clients to be told they have no PPI or that the lender ‘cannot locate their file’. We were delighted with Mr Cameron’s result and using the Supreme Court decision we would have won his case even if they had admitted to his PPI and rejected his complaint”

Case Study (2) Additional Compensation Award Royal Bank of Scotland

Mr Baillie had taken his claim for missold PPI and had been awarded compensation in 2012.
FCC contacted Mr Baillie after they had received legal advice that many claims already paid out could be enhanced using legal rules.
We passed Mr Ballie’s details on to our solicitors in March this year. They entered his details to their system and sent him some pre-populated forms to be signed and returned. He did this as soon as he got them.
In May our solicitors wrote to Mr Baillie informing him that they had a further award of £842.
Mr Baillie said “the whole process was very straightforward. I just signed some forms and sent them back free post. My claim was acknowledged then the next thing I heard was that I had been made a further payment. I am delighted and would have had no idea about this if FCC hadn’t been in touch”
Here is a list of other clients who were either denied compensation and have now been paid, or were awarded compensation and our solicitors have been able to have aditional pay-outs.


Case Study (3) Gary from East Kilbride Additional Compensation Award Barclays

We had already taken forward a complaint for Gary in April 2010 and obtained compensation in relation to miss-sold PPI policies.

In June 2016 we reassessed his file, spoke to Gary and referred his complaint to our Solicitors.

Understandably Gary was sceptical that it would be possible to obtain further moneys and did an internet search to make sure he was dealing with a bona-fide company.

In September 2016 after our Solicitors intervened, Gary was awarded a further £19,219.73 compensation for his previously upheld Barclay’s claim.

He still awaits news from our Solicitors about a Royal Bank of Scotland claim they are still investigating on his behalf.








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